Supported Living Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism



A well-educated and professionally trained staff is an essential part of achieving success. Our Direct Support Professionals affirm the right of individuals with developmental disabilities to have the opportunity to make choices for themselves and to exert a measure of control over their physical and social environments.

MERT’s hands-on approach to care means that we operate with the help of our consumers, receiving their input to lead the development of the agency. Our consumers plan their own trips, host fundraisers, and support programs within the MERT community, which makes MERT a truly consumer-centered business.

We do not secure living quarters for our consumers that we wouldn’t live in ourselves, and we always hire staff we would feel comfortable leaving our own loved ones with. We always treat our consumers with the care and respect one would expect from an organization like ours, and we allow their guardians to participate in their assisted living journey, rather than spectate.

We also treat our staff with the same care and respect as our consumers. In addition to flexible work schedules, we allow employees to bring their children to work, which offers enjoyment for our consumers who get to interact with them. Starting pay is $16.50/hour.

If you’re interested in applying for a position at MERT, please visit our job openings page. Those interested in finding out whether their loved one is eligible for our assisted living program can contact us.

 We have been recognized for the quality of our support services, and our boundless commitment to the persons we serve. We are proud of our successes and continued growth, and hope you will consider donating to our cause.

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